Workshop Bookings

Labour rate £65 p/h non negotiable 

Bookings can be arranged by contacting  and/or

Turbo Build Projects:

Turbo builds are priced depending upon parts used. All turbo builds are expected to be with us for a minimum of 14 working days. We do not offer warranty on builds on used engines. Turbocharging adds extra stress onto the engine, we can not guarantee how an engine will react to this, although we try our best to keep the engine as safe as possible. 

If a customer is supplying their own parts, then it is up to the customer to make sure them parts are safe and fit for purpose, extra charges may occur if modifications or faults arise due to provided parts. 

All paperwork must be signed when agreeing to a turbo build, and payments must be complete upon collection of car. We will not release the car until final payment has been made. 

Due to cars being decat after the turbocharging process we recommend the car to be used for track purposes only.

N/A Bolt On Builds:

All bolt on builds can be completed over a maximum of 2 working days.

We can provide all parts needed, or can fitted supplied parts by the customer. 

General maintenance:

All servicing work must be booked in advanced. All servicing work can be carried out in house.


Gearbox work:

Clutch and differential work can be carried out in house. Please call for prices 

Gearbox rebuilds will be sent to one of our trusted partners and will take a few days to complete, this is not something we do in house and can not be completed while you wait.

Tuning and rolling road:

You can book with us to have you car mapped. This will be charged at £450

If you require a ECU please contact us beforehand.

If you are wanting us to tune the car  after a build there will be an additional £70 for the transportation of your car to the dyno.


A standard charge of £60 for any bookings for diagnostics.

if further investigation is needed it will be charged at £65p/h 

Unauthorised storage:

If a customer is unable to collect their car and does not tell us in advanced the over night storage charge will be £50 per night. This covers the cost of the space taken by the car and disruption to our time table.