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Acuity -6 AN Center-feed Fuel Line Honda Civic Type R EP3 FN2 Integra DC5

SKU: ACU-1948
Whether you are trying to swap out your OEM fuel system for something more robust or just trying to tidy up your engine bay, this center-feed fuel line is as good as it gets. Not only is it compatible with both gasoline and e85, it also features our innovative quick-connect fitting for the firewall connection that makes installation a breeze compared to conventional nut-style fittings used on competing designs. Each hose features a reinforced rubber inner structure with a braided exterior that helps prevent cuts and abrasions to the hose. The 1/4" SAE Quick-Connect firewall side fitting features redundant seals for added protection against leaks, and the -6AN fuel rail side fitting will attach to any -6AN male fitting. For added peace of mind, we pressure test every fuel line after assembly to make sure all connections are pressure-tight. This line is compatible with virtually any K-Series fuel rail that has a center port (when used with an appropriate adapter). If you prefer a side-feed configuration on your fuel rail, this line can also be routed to the port on the side of the fuel rail closer to the gearbox. Since we are all about the fine details, each fuel line comes with a bracket that rigidly affixes the line to the backside of the gearbox to make sure the line isn't moving around during spirited driving or track events. The fuel line can even be unclipped from the bracket to make removal easy when you're servicing other parts of your car in the future. Trusted by pro-am racers and street enthusiasts alike, if you are looking for the best of the best for your car, this is the center-feed fuel line for your build. You will need a -6AN adapter fitting that is compatible with your rail's center port. This can vary depending on the rail. The part # for ACUiTY's -6AN to -8ORB adapter is 1913-F03.

Kit Contents:
-Preassembled Fuel line (-6AN straight connection at fuel rail, 1/4" SAE Quick-Connect connection at firewall)
-Bracket to affix fuel line to gearbox
-M6 hex screw for bracket
-2x Zip ties (to affix fuel line to bracket)

Compatibility List:
-2002-2005 Honda Civic Si*/R*
-2002-2006 Acura RSX-S*
-2002-2006 Honda Integra Type R*
-2006-2011 Honda Civic Si*/R*
-2012-2015 Honda Civic Si*✝
* When paired with a centerfeed-compatible fuel rail and -6AN fitting

✝ Requires use of an intake manifold with a gap between the center two runners sufficient to pass fuel line through (RBC or similar)