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Acuity Throttle Body Coupler 1891 Curl Control Cold Air Intake System - RBC Manifold

SKU: 1891-C3
Already own a Curl Control cold air intake but need a new throttle body coupler to convert the kit to work with a different throttle body or intake manifold? We've got you covered! These are the same couplers that are supplied in our Curl Control kits, just sold separately. All couplers are made from 5-plies of woven polyester reinforcements and 6-plies of silicone for excellent rigidity and strength. Each coupler also has an integral 6061-T6 aluminium barb for connection to the valve cover breather. The CURL CONTROL silicone couplers are designed with reliefs where they connect to the throttle body, carbon tubing, and velocity stack to provide a smoother transition as air enters and exits the intake.