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Battery Relocation Kit

Car Battery Relocation Kit
High Quality Battery Relocation  Kit
This kit enables you to relocate your car battery to a more desirable location for weight distribution or engine bay space.
Simply connect the cables up to the original under bonnet wiring & route to the desired location of the battery
Everything provided for an easy installation - crimping required to attach terminals
  • 4M Flexible PVC Battery Cable - 40mm 300A (RED)
  • (Main Power Cable)
  • 1M Flexible PVC Battery Cable - 40mm 300A (BLACK) 
  • (Earth Cable)
  • 2M Split Conduit/Corrugated Sleeving 14.5mm I/D (BLACK)
  •  (To Protect Cables in Engine Bay)
  • 2x 8mm Battery Terminals (Post Type)
  • (For connecting battery)
  • MTA Mega Fuse Holder
  •  200A MTA Mega Fuse
  • 25cm 25.4mm Heatshrink 2:1 Ratio (RED)
  • 10cm 25.4mm Heatshrink 2:1 Ratio (Black)
  • 10x High Quality Nylon Cable Ties (BLACK)
  • 7x 50mm Copper Tube Terminals
  • (Various stud sizes to connect cables and earth)
  • 5x Adhesive Backed Cable Tie Bases (19mm x 19mm)
  • (Comes With 5x fixing screws)
High Quality OFC Cable (Oxygen Free)