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Exoracing K20 / k24 Alternator Relocation Kit (A/C P/S delete)


We are delighted to announce our first Alternator Relocation Kits for the Honda K20 and K24 engines. There are many reasons why you may want to relocate the alternator on a K20/K24 engine, for example bonnet/hood clearance, headlight clearance, to fit big bore ITB's or inlet manifolds, or just for a super clean looking engine bay!

When designing our kit we set ourselves a challenge; to design not only design the best looking alternator relocation kit but also to ensure our kit is the strongest available on the market, period. We are so confident in our design that we offer a lifetime warranty against bolt breakages that have plagued other manufacturers kits.

The single upper bolt retention method seen on most alternator relocate kits is insufficient to deal with the forces generated from within the alternator, when the forces overcome the strength of this bolt it will shear off within the water pump housing leaving the user with the hassle of extraction and replacement of this broken bolt all-the-while knowing it can potentially happen again. Our bracket kit was over engineered to securely retain the alternator and resist against all forces including mechanical/magnetic resonance, gyroscopic forces and sudden ramp up/down of shaft speed due to sudden changes in engine RPM. The key to our kits superior strength is its unique upper triangulated bracket system that fully encompases the upper mounting boss on the alternator.

Our Alternator Relocation Kits are made exclusively from premium materials; 6061-T6 billet aluminium for the brackets and pulley, and Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel for the pulley slider.


  • Fully machined from billet 6061-T6 Aluminium; a high strength, low weight alloy.
  • Pully slider machined from 316 Marine grade Stainless Steel for superior finish and corrosion resistance.
  • Designed from a fully laser scanned K20 ensures perfect fitment and belt alignment.
  • Manually adjustable tensioner ensures fitment on both K20 and K24 engines.
  • Includes a high quality 7 Rib Gates belt, and a GKN high temp sealed pulley bearing.
  • High strength, multi-piece design ensures alternator is fully secured.
  • Fully flush fit bolts for a clean design.
  • Available in RAW or Anodised finish.
  • No alternator pulley swap required.
  • Designed to fit majority of K20/K24 engines.