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Haltech Platinum PRO Plug-in ECU Honda Civic Type R EP3


This fully progammable plug and play product opens the door to virtually limitless performance modification and tuning of your vehicle. Programmable systems allow you to extract all the performance from your engine by delivering precisely the required amount of fuel and ignition timing that your engine requires for maximum output under all operating conditions.

ECU Manager Software is used for setup, calibration, and diagnostics. The software comes loaded on to a CD supplied with this unit. It can also be downloaded from the Haltech website. The Platinum Pro comes pre-programmed with a basemap built to suit a Honda Civic Type R with a K20A Standard Engine using the factory MAP sensor.

The Rear Auxiliary Harness is an optional accessory available for this ECU. The Rear Auxiliary Harness adds 1 Digital Pulsed Input, 2 Digital Pulsed and Digital Switched Outputs, 4 Analogue Voltage Inputs, 2 +13.8V Sensor Power Outputs, 2 +5V Sensor Power Outputs, and Additional Sensor Power and Signal Grounds.


  • Digital Pulsed Input
  • Digital Pulsed Outputs
  • Digital Switched Outputs
  • Analogue Voltage Inputs
  • +13.8V Sensor Power Outputs
  • +5V Sensor Power Outputs
  • Sensor Power and Signal Grounds
  • Haltech CAN Network Compatible
  • Optional Rear Auxiliary Harness (Adds more of each type of input/output)


  • Gain Control Over Your Engine
  • Improve Engine Performance
  • Optimize Fuel Injection
  • Optimize Ignition Timing