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Hard Pipework Kit for Seat Ibiza / VW Polo & Skoda Fabia for SeatSport FMIC

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Alloy Hard Pipework Kit for Seat Ibiza / VW Polo & Skoda Fabia with SeatSport FMIC

Fits ALL Seat Ibiza Mk4, VW Polo 9N3 & Skoda Fabia Mk1 Models with the PD130 (ASZ, BLT) & PD160 (BUK, BPX) 1.9 TDI Engines

  • 57mm Alloy pipes to fit perfectly in place of the stock pipes
  • Replaces unnecessary joints which can cause boost leaks
  • Work with the stock MAP Sensor and Wiring
  • High quality 3ply silicone hoses
  • Stainless T-Bolt clamps for secure fitting
  • Made in UK


This Intercooler Pipework Kit is for use with the SeatSport FMIC on the 1.9 TDI Engines. The Alloy Pipe Kit eliminates the problematic clip connectors

There are a number of different options available with this kit, dependent on your Turbo and EGR setup. Please select the options above to get the final price for your kit

Dependant of the options selected, this kit consists of:


Darkside Developments Alloy Pipe Kit with MAP Sensor Boss
Darkside Developments Clip Connector Adapters (Optional)
Darkside Developments Silicone Hoses
Viton O-Ring Seals on Clip Connector Adapters
Stainless Steel Clamps

Turbo Options
Standard / Hybrid Turbo - Turbo Clip Connector Adapter and Silicone Hose
GTB Turbo Kit - 90 Degree Silicone Hose
EGR / ASV Options
Retain EGR Valve / ASV Clip Connector - Clip Connector Adapter and Silicone Hose
EGR and ASV Removed - Silicone Hoses

This pipe kit DOES NOT include the SeatSport Intercooler. This is available in our shop,

Unlike other kits on the market, this does not require the use of any original boost pipes, hence the slightly higher price. The bumper and grills will need slight modification to ensure a nice fit. This is not visible once everything is on the car


If you require any assistance or further information regarding these options, please get in touch

We now offer a range of Silicone Colours - Black Silicones are in stock where as the other colours are special order and may take up to 1 week to dispatch

All the silicones included in the kit may require slight Trimming to suit your set up, These are left long to take in to consideration tolerances between cars

For optimum fitment you may find the turbo compressor housing needs rotating slightly (clocking)

Sometimes the turbo clip can be quite tight to push in due the tolerances we have them machined to. We have found that warming the turbo compressor housing with a heat gun helps the clip push in