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HKS GT Supercharger Pro Kit Nissan 350Z VQ35DE

SKU: 12001-AN008
Over 500HP with Z33!!

This kit can achieve over 500hp if the engine is strengthened, and better torque and power than GTS7040 kit with a stock engine.
Better performance than competitor's kit is guaranteed!!


The intercooler size is doubled compared to the existing kit. The capacity is doubled as well to withstand 500hp.

The diameter of the suction pipe and intercooler pipe is enlarged by 35%.

The airflow capacity of the supercharger is increased by 30% compared to the existing kit (GT7040).

With adequate airflow, the torque & power increase are noticeable from the low to high speed range!!

Note in order to install this kit

S/C Pulley: Prepare φ100 or φ110 supercharger pulley depending on the target output.

Prepare a engine management system such as HKS F-CON.

Belt: Prepare a belt matches with the supercharger pulley.

Select the spark plug which heat range is appropriate to the vehicle specifications.

Fuel Parts: HKS Fuel Upgrade Kit which is designed to withstand 500hp.