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HKS S-Type Oil Cooler Kit Nissan 350Z

SKU: 15004-AN022

This is the Oil Cooler Kit to cool down the temperature of engine for such as HKS Supercharger installed high power vehicle.

Effective Intake air guide is included. It will have high-class look with the black-colored alumite.

It's very important to control the oil temperature to enjoy driving.Extreme increases in oil temperature can break down the oil and decreases its ability to lubricate, cool and clean the engine and can cause damage as a result. HKS Oil Cooler Kits are designed with advanced cooling technology which enables stable oil temperatures to extract the maximum ability from the engine.

HKS Oil Cooler Kit S Type is a sandwich type which has a built-in thermostat attachment.

[ Oil Temperature Meter: Oil Pressure Gauge Installation Hole]

Adaptor Thermo: M12×P1.25 (1hole) , PT1/8 (1 hole)