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Hybrid Racing Short Shifter Assembly - Civic EP3

SKU: HYB-BUN-01-10
SKU: HYB-SAS-01-25

Hybrid Racing are a US based company created by enthusiasts who wanted to offer the absolute best Honda K-Swap parts possible. Since their launch in 2003, they've expanded their product range to also include direct replacement parts for modern Honda performance models. All of their parts are high super high quality, using only the best materials and cutting edge design techniques.

Hybrid Racing's range of high performance shifters are designed with 3 key goals in mind. Reduce throw, increase feel and provide a wide range of adjustability, and they nail all 3. Each shifter is tested for endurance and durability to ensure that it works faultlessly, even under harsh race conditions.

The shifter throw can be adjusted using two threaded cable attachment pins, making fine tweaks to the shift throw easy. At the highest, you can expect a 20% reduction in throw and at the lowest setting up to a 50% reduction in throw. The front to back and left to right throw can be independabntly adjusted.

All of this adjustability means you can customise the way the shifter performs and feels in a huge amount of ways, customising it to your own personal preference.

The shifter frame is constructed from TIG welded, powder coated 1000 series steel and the upper and lower rocker assemblies are made from aerospace grade aluminium and powder coated Gold. Shift levers are made from stainless steel to avoid unsightly corrosion. Sealed ball bearings reduce friction and each attachment pin features a wear-resistant Delrin pivot cap for sturdy, quiet operation.