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Pulsar GTX3076R Gen 2


Pulsar GTX3076R Gen 2

  • Recommended displacement 1.8 to 3.0 litres with power outputs up to 700hp possible.
  • Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing System
  • 9 Blade Gen2 Billet Compressor Wheel with Extended Tapered Tip Technology
  • Inconel 713c 10 Blade Turbine Wheel
  • Gen2 Cover Integrated with the Speed Sensor Port
  • 0.83 A/R dual v-band turbine housing, T3 0.63, 0.82 V-Band outlet turbine housing In option
  • V-Band Flange kit(s) for the exhaust housing included
  • Max Air Flow rate: 65 lb/min, rated @ 750 FWHP
  • Supplied with manifold to turbine gasket and 5 bolt gasket (where applicable). Oil feed restrictor supplied (where applicable). 
  • Wastegate actuator supplied on internally gated units with compressor housing.


  • Compressor Wheel: 58*76mm
  • Turbine Wheel: 60*55mm
  • Compressor Inlet: 4″ Hose
  • Compressor Outlet: 2″ Hose
  • Turbine Inlet: T3, T4 or 2″ V-Band
  • Turbine Outlet: 3″ V-Band(3.55″OD)
  • Oil Feed: -4 AN  Oil Restrictor connection.
  • Oil Drain: Std T3 Flange
  • Water In/Outlet: M14*1.5

It's strongly recommended to run water cooling to aid reliability.



Products are ordered directly from pulsar turbo systems, approximate turn around of two weeks, once order has been placed with pulsar this is non refundable.